We developed this project while working for OHIM as a freelance contractor. With a team of other two developers we created the search engine front end web application using javascript, backbone, a customized bootstrap, and css3.

It is a single page app with more than 20KLOC of javascript code with:

  • Cohesive url routing
  • ACL management (anonymous, logged in users (with different privileges))
  • Realtime parallel search through multiple endpoints
  • Advanced search custom query builder
  • Detailed view of entities
  • Custom actions, forms and views for each type of entity

The UI is highly modularized, reused and composed through the application (components paradigm) and the code is perfectly organized in development.

You can see the most current version online: eSearch

The project went throuh 2 major versions and 1 redesign before getting out of beta and hitting production, and I worked with it during 2 years.

As part of the creation of the new OHIM website, and a suite of web applications and eSearch, a style guide full of html components and documentation with a corporate css theme was factored out and created for internal use through more than 20 applications. This is better mentioned in the OHIM Website project