Inspection Request

A web application that consumed json services. It was kind of a task manager for a specific business workflow.

It features:

  • A user home page with last reviewed items and saved work lists.
  • A form to create inspection requests.
    • Information loading via json services.
    • Form validation.
    • Form preview before submit.
  • User created work lists.
    • Editable lists of Inspections with preview.
  • Search form.
    • Basic and advanced search.
    • Results table with preview, pagination and filters.
    • Possibility to save search as Work list.
  • Details of inspection.
    • Toggable animated menu.
    • Smooth scroll between sections.
    • Opening details in tabs to enable comparison of files.

I really liked how this app turned out, really smooth and with a good consistent design.

More JS webapp experience.