Meeting people is a curious experience. Everybody has its own way of classifying people they meet. From what I have gathered from some productive discussions, people tend to classify who they meet easily into two groups:

Approachable & Hard

It is that easy. Between the approachable you can find multiple types, but classifying somebody on this group, makes you more willing to know them. On the other hand, people that fall into the hard category at first sight, are usually crossed off the ‘I wouldn’t mind getting to know you a little bit more’ list.

It’s a real pity because there are plenty of interesting people on the hard category.

That’s what interests me the most. You can always get to approachable people, but how to do it with the hard ones? Which types of hard ones can you meet?

Being hard to meet, they are also hard to know, so it gets quite difficult to get any kind of classification on them.

From what I could grasp, I’ve found these aspects:

  • Shies

    They are very private with their life. There is a tough shield around, and it’s hard to get to a confidence point. Once there, it’s usually very rewarding. When they show interest on your life, or you do with theirs and they answer, you know that the answers are sincere and wholehearted, and that you have a true 2-way conversation. Otherwise, they wouldn’t even try and they would keep shut.

  • Beasts

    Rude, tough to approach in any way. Loud voices, hard behaviours, impertinent answers, inappropriate timing, etc. As the lack of emotion, the excess of it is difficult to deal with. This ones usually come with truth and emotion included. Get to know them, who knows how, and you have the best way of getting the bare truth, and also the bare joy and pain that come from such sincerity. Hard to hear, but also useful and hard to find, since most of the people live on a sugar coated layer of good manners that penalize sincerity.

There are more aspects we could extract from these people, but this are the biggest ones I’ve identified until now. They mix in different ways, giving birth to a full spectrum of people that are really hard to know.

Some of them will be worth it, some of them will not. But the ones that will be, will be worth a million of the other ones.