Last couple of years work life has changed quite a lot. Before, the schedule was more flexible (probably because they were toy jobs) and I wouldn’t get so tired and messed up. With this flow of work and daily routine I’ve been getting more and more exhausted mentally. The good thing is that I’ve learnt to appreciate a good rest.

There have been several times when I’ve gotten to do something different, like going on a trip and disconnecting completely from work. It feels so great to have your mind far away from trouble, stress and work entanglement.

For me, it happens at the gym, on a snow trip of 4 days with some friends, going to see my girl where she works now and spend some days there, and of course in the 5 weeks trip I made to India.

I still have to come to a conclusion on how much benefits this kind of disconnection brings, because even it seems healthy enough for your brain, the effects can be devastating when going back to the usual crappy routine. Maybe that is the way of your psyche of crying out loud that something is not right.

Anyway, getting some proper disconnection will for sure clear your mind and make you feel better. Just be careful to not stay there forever!