Write something every day

From time to time, I always end up doing the same. Start, write some stuff, leave it alone.

It is weird, because you have the ideas -even written down-, but the moment to write -inspiration, momentum- fades away if the topic does not get into the paper quick enough.

Today that is not going to happen.

As usual, wandering around through the net, you get to an article written by somebody that talks about something that touches your insides.

This article was about how this guy forced himself into being awesome. 3 books written -and one collaboration- on topics he did not know last year, and one post each day about something different.

First of all, that is fucking impressive. Commiting to write every day is really hard. I admire this guy, just for the fact of having achieved that.

Secondly, to me, this post serves as inspiration, as many others. I want to be like that. And I am going to try.

The technique of finding something you do not know, research it, and write about it to teach, looks like a good method of getting some fun, knowledge and acomplishing the objectives.

So basically, that is about how far this goes.

Lets hope it won’t happen again -too often-.


For the interested in good inspiring reading, Traveling, Writing and Programming inspired me a lot some time ago.

I wanted to write about it but emotion faded away, and what stayed were the future plans that this essay made me think.

Also, if you are interested in travel, check Alex’s How to travel around the world, really good ‘guide’ to travel around the world. I personally agree on most of what it says, from what I learned on my trip to India.

Oh, and for today’s dessert: When you should quit your job