Starting a blog... again

Again, another website, another blog.

This is supposed to be my permanent writing space, no more changing to hosted platforms and solutions without my domain name. It’s my data, it’s my legacy.

I am going to write in english.


Mostly because I want to. And also because It is a language spoken broadly and writing on it I keep my possible audience bigger. It also makes me keep thinking in english, and that is important, it is something I don’t want to forget. There will be mistakes in my writing and probably spanish speakers won’t follow up because of the language, but we always have to do trade offs to get certain benefits.

What are my objectives

Well, I want to post every week. It will not always be possible, but I am going to try hard. I have noticed that I like writing, even if nobody reads. It is like throwing up your thoughts into a bucket, keeps the mind free and clear while giving you more food thought.

I also want to improve my writing skills, and the only way to do that is by practicing. Again and again, week after week.

What am I going to write about?

Through the years and having written in several places, more or less I know what I write about. Except certain types of posts, I usually write in a quite abstract style. So, within that, the topics are going to be varied.

I’m going to categorize the posts, and tag them. Some of the categories I have come with are:

Web development Web design Self employment Programming Meta etc.

There will be more categories coming in, along with the posts that I will be writing, I am not going to enclose myself into certain topics and then feel constrained that I shouldn’t write about something I want on my own blog.

More to come shortly!