Surfing through several links, first about how to configure vim to work with a repl on clojure (vimclojure || slimev), then about modern hipster development, afterwards making some 4clojure problems, looking at the docs and the repl, I’ve ended up on the ‘Noir’ site.

It is a micro web framework for clojure, and just coming into the page you can see how easy it is to grasp with some code samples (related read Minimum Viable Snippet - Fogus).

I’ve been reading the tutorials on the site, and the docs, and I must say I really like the information provided, and the documentation. It is really a simple framework, with some good docs.

After reading the tutorials and giving a look to the docs, I’ve downloaded the sample noir blog from github and I’ve been checking the code and it’s quite nice, although very short. I wouldn’t mind having a look at a more complete application (I’ll search some more).

Having spent the last ~3 years basically on frontend development has left me with limited knowledge and almost resourceless on backend/server/computer tools. Sure, I got a lot of knowledge on html/css and I’ve come to know js deeply, but I cannot stay there only, I want to know more, I want to be full stack. This could be the topic for a blog post, and afterwards, another topic to write about could be how our lovely university taught us basically only object oriented languages and paradigms.

In a certain way, I have to thank that JS has first order functions and closures, giving me the tools to expand my horizons further than the OO boundaries and inquiring me to relearn about programming paradigms like the functional or the declarative one, that I once started to learn but that were mercilessly crushed by an enormous amount of OO [patters|way of doing|coding] through the years.