About me

Hi! I’m Joaquin.

I’m a programmer from Alicante, Spain.

Currently I am working remotely in open source for the Wikimedia Foundation, improving the mobile web version of Wikimedia projects.

If you want to get in touch with me, try email first, or any of the sites on the links list.

You can check what I write about on the blog, and some of side projects and work I’ve done on the projects page.

I’ve been working with javascript for about 7 years, most of it doing front end development. Most of the last 5 years I’ve been writing native web applications. I also enjoy doing:

  • UI development
    • Creating well architected, useful and clean interfaces and interactions is very rewarding and something I love
  • Web design
    • I am not a designer, but enjoy prototyping interfaces and designs, and have good taste doing so
  • Backend coding
    • I’ve done a lot of node.js and some Clojure and I’ve had a great time with it
  • System administration
    • Because of side projects mainly I’ve dabbled into setting up virtual machines, provisioning with shell scripts and ansible, fast & easy continuous deployment via git, and a variety of skills on that matter, which have proven very useful bringing projects to life

Programming is one of my hobbies, and also my job.

I love travelling, biking and nature.