Joaquin Oltra Hernandez

Personal information

Joaquin Oltra Hernandez
(0034) 600078947

Current situation

Software developer, Javascript programmer, Web developer

I am a programmer and web developer specialized in JS who enjoys reading technical books, developing random playful side projects and learning and exploring new technologies.

I work for the Wikimedia Foundation on open source and open information for everybody.


Side projects

I gave a workshop on Clojurescript for the FutureJS conference 2 years in a row.

Last year (2015) I adapted the workshop to use the bootstrapped JS compiler on an online repl and crafted a notebook-style interactive workshop.

First year (2014), the slides and exercises are online.

Things I have been playing with and learning about lately include:

Creative coding, Service Workers, Elm, Clojure and Clojurescript, Functional programming, Node.js, React.js, JavaScript (ES6), asynchronous programming paradigms (Promises, Generators, CSP (channels, core.async), several HTML5 APIs, Leveldb, Couchdb, Ansible (system administration).

Find me on github @joakin to see what side projects I have been open sourcing lately.

Work experience

Wikimedia Foundation
October 2014 - Now
Software engineer

Remote. Mobile web team and Reading web team.

JavaScript, CSS and Mediawiki php programming for the mobile Wikipedia websites. Maintenance and development of several Mediawiki extensions, mainly MobileFrontend, which powers the mobile websites.

Performance research and analysis, user design research and PWA prototypes for offline mobile web wikipedia experiences.

Rotated through several roles on the team when needed (developer, tech lead, product owner).

Freelance (Various)
December 2013 - September 2014
Freelance web developer, Javascript programmer, HTML & CSS programmer

Remote. Freelance contracting for different clients.

  • Data visualizations dashboard with d3
  • JS web applications
    • React.js for the view layer
    • Browser applications using npm & browserify
    • Immutable data structures (via mori.js)
    • JS web application architecture & structure
    • node.js backend APIs
      • Promises A+ for async (via bluebird.js)
  • New views on existing angular.js applications
September 2010 - June 2013
Freelance web developer, Javascript programmer, Senior analyst programmer

While freelance contracting for OHIM, I went mainly through two different big projects, OHIM eSearch (JS web application) and the new OHIM Website (public site and suite of web tools).


Search engine for OHIM, I was involved in creating the single page application using Javascript, CSS3 with LESS, Backbone. This application got to about 25KLOC of code.

New OHIM website and suite of tools

New site and group of web tools, full redesign and layout using semantic HTML and modern CSS3 while maintaining graceful degradation and implementing responsive design. Implemented a wiki and style guide with live components and docs and different themes with a corporate framework to be used as a base in the site and tools.

Activities and responsibilities
  • Javascript development (JS with Backbone)
  • Interface and interactions design (mockups, design)
  • Web design
  • Front end development. Creation of web applications (css3, html5, js)
  • Cross browser layouts and styles.
  • Training (web technologies)
  • Standardization (style guide, wiki with components and company theme)
  • Web dev structure and process set up
  • Help with Java w/ Spring development.
Web developer

Implement styles and layouts, themes and js plugins for client websites that used Drupal (mysql, php).

  • CSS
  • JS, jQuery, and jQuery plugins
  • Html and php templates
University of Alicante
2008 - 2010
Web developer, Javascript programmer

Design and development of a browser application to create, layout and fill magazines, and generate a print version in PDF.

  • Web design and interaction
  • Frontend
    • JS, jQuery
    • CSS
    • HTML
  • Backend
    • JSP
    • MySql with JDBC
  • Ops
    • Linux servers
    • Firefox cli for rendering PDFs

Support for the teaching staff of a masters course, development and mantainance of the website.

Diario Informacion / Newspaper
2006 - 2008
Systems administrator

Administrate Windows, Linux and OSx machines and servers, network infrastructure and customer support (editors and journalists).


Computer Science Engineer (Ingeniero en informatica)
University of Alicante



  • SpanishMother tongue
  • EnglishProficient (C1)
    • CAE (Certificate in Advanced English)
    • FCE

Technical skills

  • VCS
    • Git
    • Svn
  • Frontend
    • Html 5
    • Css 3
    • JS (ES 3, 5, 2015)
    • React.js, Redux
    • Webpack, Browserify
  • Design and use of graphic design tools (Photoshop, Gimp, Pixelmator...)
  • Systems administration
    • OS X
    • Linux
  • Polyglot programmer
    • JS (Browser and Node.js)
    • Clojurescript
    • Elm
    • Python
    • Php, Java, C, C++, etc.

Artistic skills

  • Good taste developed for design and UX through years of self-taught skills.
  • Photography and photo retouching
  • Web design, and medium level graphic design skills

Additional information

Own vehicle
Available to travel, cannot relocate permanently right now
  • 07/2013 - 12/2013: South America (Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina)
  • 05/2013 - 05/2013: USA (Chicago - New York)
  • 02/2012 - 04/2012: North India
  • 09/2008 - 03/2009: Aachen (Germany): Erasmus Trainee
  • 07/2003 - 09/2003: Oxford (England) in language school
  • 07/2001 - 09/2001: Brighton (England) in language school