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Joaquín Oltra Hernández


I am a Software Engineer and Engineering Manager with more than 10 years of industry experience. As an engineer I specialize in UI web development, and have broad experience in the different skills involved in effectively producing maintainable software.

As a manager I strive to provide clear direction, trust and autonomy to my reports so that they can execute on the team and organization's objectives effectively, while developing professionally and advancing their careers.

Work experience

Wikimedia Foundation
Software Engineering Manager
2018 − ‥.

Remote. Managing 5 engineers in the Wikimedia Product Infrastructure team, where we:

  • Built REST APIs used by the native apps teams and the web teams serving 1.5 billion unique devices serving 2 billion requests monthly
  • Maintained a variety of backend components providing features such as reading lists, PDF rendering, and the Wikipedia Maps infrastructure
  • Planned and resourced an effort to provide better data engineering tools and libraries for all product teams in the product department

I set team direction and anual and quarterly goals, hired and managed awesome engineers to further Wikimedia's objectives, giving them space and trust to work effectively in a complex collaborative remote environment.

Wikimedia Foundation
Senior Software Engineer
2016 − 2018

Remote. Worked on the Mobile Web team doing JavaScript, CSS and MediaWiki PHP programming for the mobile Wikipedia websites which powers the user experience of ~60% of Wikipedia's traffic (9.5 billion monthly pageviews on 1.5 billion monthly unique devices).

Produced performance research and analysis of the content and website loading which informed several high impact projects, like lazy loading images and references.

Worked on Page previews ( 1 ), providing link previews for Desktop Wikipedia improving the reading experience for 1.5 billion unique devices serving 2 billion requests monthly.

Led and planned technical improvement projects to reduce debt and modernize the codebase while working on Product's goals.

Wikimedia Foundation
Software Engineer
2014 − 2016

Remote. Worked on the Mobile Web team doing JavaScript, CSS and MediaWiki PHP programming for the mobile Wikipedia websites which powers the user experience of ~60% of Wikipedia's traffic (9.5 billion monthly pageviews on 1.5 billion monthly unique devices).

Built several additional projects including a Survey feature for MediaWiki, public and private reading lists.

Participated in a generative research project on emergent countries quickly building several prototypes to test ideas out with users, and participating in the interview process and information analysis.

Software Engineer, Web Developer
2013 − 2014

Remote. Freelance contracting for different clients. JavaScript, HTML & CSS, data visualizations dashboard with d3, web applications.

  • Data visualizations dashboard with d3
  • JS web applications
    • React.js for the view layer
    • Browser applications using npm & browserify
    • Immutable data structures (via mori.js)
    • JS web application architecture & structure
    • node.js backend APIs
      • Promises A+ for async (via bluebird.js)
Senior Software Engineer
2010 − 2013

Built a frontend team and worked on OHIM eSearch (JS web application) and the new OHIM Website (public site and suite of web tools).


Search engine for OHIM, I was involved in creating the single page application using Javascript, CSS3 with LESS, Backbone. This application got to about 25KLOC of code.

New OHIM website and suite of tools

New site and group of web tools, full redesign and layout using semantic HTML and modern CSS3 while maintaining graceful degradation and implementing responsive design. Implemented a wiki and style guide with live components and docs and different themes with a corporate framework to be used as a base in the site and tools.

Activities and responsibilities
  • Javascript development (JS with Backbone)
  • Interface and interactions design (mockups, design)
  • Web design
  • Front end development. Creation of web applications (css3, html5, js)
  • Cross browser layouts and styles.
  • Training (web technologies)
  • Standardization (style guide, wiki with components and company theme)
  • Web dev structure and process set up
  • Help with Java w/ Spring development.
Software Engineer, Web Developer
2010 − 2010

Worked on styles, layouts, themes and JS plugins for client websites that used Drupal (mysql, php).

  • CSS
  • JS, jQuery, and jQuery plugins
  • Html and PHP templates
University of Alicante
Software Engineer, Web Developer
2008 − 2010

Design and development of a browser application to create, layout and fill magazines, and generating a print version of them in PDF.

  • Web design and interaction
  • Frontend
    • JS, jQuery
    • CSS
    • HTML
  • Backend
    • JSP
    • MySql with JDBC
  • Ops
    • Linux servers
    • Firefox cli for rendering PDFs

Support for the teaching staff of a masters course, development and mantainance of the website.

Diario Informacion / Newspaper
Systems Administrator
2006 − 2008


University of Alicante
Computer Science (Ingeniero en informatica)
2004 - 2009


Native speaker
Proficient (C1)
CAE (Certificate in Advanced English)
Excellent oral and written English and conversational skills

Additional information

Own vehicle.

Available to travel, could consider relocation.

I enjoy computer generated art, compilers and programming languages, UI design and development, and exploring new technologies that grow the way we think about solving problems.

I am not afraid of learning new technology, projects and codebases.